What I’m about to say may come across as a bit aggressive or hateful. In actuality, I am just passionate about the evolution of our society. Be you, express yourself, do good things, but once the whiny minority starts creeping in and jamming their progressive ideals down my throat… well… I have to be on the other side it.

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Specifically, I’m referring to the cultural shift we seem to be experiencing, where it is almost hip to have your own pronoun. Where the Jezebels of America are given power just for aiming their sights. Where the indigent, minority, underbelly of our society can shift blame and create rallies based on exceptions. And if the justification is there, it’s just washed away by the rest of it. The idea of throwing shit at the wall to see what sticks is a good analogy here. See, there, stuck on the wall? Validity.

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There’s good buried somewhere in these sick minds, I’m sure. The real problem lies where the ill minded few has such an impact on the overwhelming majority. The media helps this along. In my eyes, it’s all about how we want to be perceived. If a man identifies as a woman and wants to hack his penis off, we say good for you? Brave. You don’t want to be a bigot, do you? News flash. The normal humans are whispering about how fucking retarded that is.  Related image

If we accept or equalize all individuals for all claims, then we have a real problem. Because, now, I am torn between someone’s own human rights and contributing to the support of the whole wild and illegitimate collection of transgender arguments. Its like, this or nothing. Apply this to anything. White guy shoots black cop. Well, I think it was justified. You’re a racist.

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Now we have a fight. This is when the uproar occurs. People start changing public policies and the way our children are taught in public schools. Actual scholars, are promoting wild and inaccurate claims about how there is no biological difference between men and women. Fuck. All of this stemming from wanting to be empathetic, or appear as part of some fake solution to an eagerly unhappy and sick population.

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I want it all to change. Off to lobotomy island, fuckers.

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