Today is Wednesday. The third Monday of my dull and uneventful work week. I have been trying to drink enough coffee to help offset my mood swings while sludging my way to the weekend. I can’t help, but pause and take in how fucking stupid life is. As an adult, it’s all chores and bills and kids and trying to stay sober. Fuck.

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I am just cycling through the same thoughts and can’t help but think about what I might have for lunch. Maybe, Fazolies. I like to do things that are a little out of the ordinary to shake up these types of days. Shit, I might even get a post-lunchtime haircut. A razor fade… and I’ll be looking frrrresh to def… only to come back to work and slump back into this funk of stale smells and bad attitudes.

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On the brighter side, I know that 5:00pm is coming. Praise the Lord for that. Perhaps, this evening I will throw the ball around with my kids and get a decent workout in. Something to open up my lungs a bit. It’s funny how I can struggle through many consecutive bad days, but when it come to going night-night I have to feel good about myself and what’s to come. The shock of exercise may just be the thing to override my bratty cogitation.

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My goal? Wake up tomorrow and be bright and shiny. I’ll set an early alarm and masturbate 5-7 times to clear my mind. This followed by plenty of caffeine and a good read. By read, I mean watch a few Youtube videos or something. I’m not a fucking geek. Anyways I hope the rest of your week goes great. Keep your chins up we’re almost there. And like always don’t forget to like, comment, share and subscribe.

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