Welcome back, folks! No, this post is not making fun of veganism or animal lovers, but more about my perspective on people who are overly attached to their pets and how they interpret that relationship. So let me explain what brought this topic up.

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I was recently helping someone move and their cat had abruptly died. I guess it had a kitty heart attack because of the stressful transition to her new home. My criticism, however is not of the owner of this cat. It was sad and we all tried to comfort her while finishing up the move. Anyways, a few days after I was speaking with a mutual friend of ours and she was saying how it’s just like losing a child. For her, I mean. “She doesn’t have any 2 legged children just her cats.” Errrrrr! Stop. I felt myself immediately beginning to backpedal in hopes of preventing myself from blurting out exactly what I wanted to say.

Which One Dies?

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I completely understand being upset and genuinely sad about the loss of an animal. However, I also understand that there are levels of sadness. I’d say something like that would rank about a 5-7 out of 10. 1 being losing a $2 bill and 10 being the death of a child.

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I guess you can’t really argue my point with someone who has not experienced parenthood or maybe I’m just a complete dick. Personally, I like dogs. I think dogs are awesome. If I had one for years and was super attached to it and he died? Well, I’d probably say “Fuck, that sucks” then get another dog.

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It’s not that I lack empathy. It’s just not even close to losing a child, your own blood. A human. What do you think? Do you consider your pet the equivalent of a child? Maybe you have kids and actually like your pets more. Anyways, that’s all for now. Please don’t forget to like, comment, share, and subscribe. Reading cures stupid. Peace, bitches.

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