I have been sober for a little over a year now. I haven’t really been sober since I was about 17 and even now I feel like I’m experiencing new things that I never have before in my adult life. One of those things is actually being able to enter and stay in a REM cycle. I can dream now! I’ve also been taking Zoloft for the past 8 months which is great because it suppresses my panic attacks almost completely, wakes me up in the morning, and puts me down like a fucking elephant tranquilizer around 2130 every night. The thing is that my dream state seems to be getting deeper and deeper and some are so morbid or realistic that I fully recall everything that had happened in that dream. Sometimes even days after. And although I’m not a spiritual person, I do think that there’s a link between dreams, deja vu, and the past and present of our physical lives. Basically like a circle of time that recycles events? Then again, too many Hawking books and my recent obsessive study of quantum physics may be to blame for that rabbit hole.

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When I was a kid, maybe ten or so, I remember that I would sometimes be excited to get to bed and dream of something great. There is a special sensation when getting into that alternate space where the only separation from you and your desires is your mind. The trick is training yourself to get into that thought process before your eyes shut. It’s interesting to see what reality your brain can develop. I feel that it’s basically just getting in touch with your subconscious and being able to see other perspectives of your life.

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Are these things going to happen? Has it already happened in another life? Is this a warning or hint of something to come? Am I in someone else’s shoes? These are usually some of the typical questions I think you’d hear from anyone who is also curious about their dreams. Perhaps it’s just what it is and means absolutely nothing. Another absurdity we dumb humans look at similar to the meaning of life or religion.

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What do you think? Am I crazy? Are dreams important? Share some crazy dreams that you might have had. AND… don’t for get to subscribe, like, comment, and share. Until next time, dream on.

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