When people hear that I am Agnostic, or Atheist, they may be quick to assume that I am troubled or wasn’t brought up well. Especially, if the person judging me is religious or has opposing views. When in actuality, the term “Agnostic” means no more than a religious skeptic. Sure some may have more deeper philosophies on certain aspects of life, death, creationism-whatever, but it’s simply saying your beliefs are open to all evidence. I find it strange that the ones who look only to a handful of writings for all answers, would think that it’s outlandish to take into consideration a new or different idea. The fact is nobody knows. Faith is the absence of knowledge, folks.

When I think religion, I think of three things. The beginning, life and death. Now, many individuals out there feel that God created Heaven and Earth. Fair enough, that’s your thing. But why, when I share that I am a believer in the Big Bang Theory, am I criticized like it’s completely asinine… and by those same people? I’ll tell you why. Most of us have been conditioned to think of religion or specifically, Christianity, as a “normal” thing. Which it is, just the same as any other religion. You believe what you believe. But when there is so much scientific data pointed towards the Big Bang Theory (and in my eyes, WAAAYYY more practical), it’s often written off simply because of someone’s religious stand point and the feeling of almost being unable to change, what is basically, their opinion.

Now, for me, the life and death thing is tricky. I don’t exactly believe that we evolved from monkeys or that we are all descendants of Adam and Eve, but then again I’m talking about Agnosticism. It does make sense to me that if the Earth is roughly 4.5 billion years old that this would give plenty of time for the evolution process to occur. The earliest evidence of life on earth are Stromatolites, which date back about 3.8 million years. They still exist today and have protein-producing DNA and are biologically complex.


Those same scientists who have studied Stromatolites would likely tell you, though no hard evidence exists, that these were the result of RNA micro organisms. RNA containing the first molecule of heredity. So, in other words, RNA to DNA would be an example of early or first-stage evolution. I’ll keep it simple, but what I’m trying to say is that all of these things can be tied to something a little more tangible than religious legends. And although I’m not completely trusting of our scientific community (mostly because of big business and political issues) they still give us more of a recent, studied opinion.


The biggest one for me, and probably the one that the majority of people are concerned about the most, is death. What happens when I die? I think the Heaven and Hell scenario is an obvious metaphor for good vs. evil. I don’t believe that there is a bad place or good place that we go to when we die, like a resort with quality only determined by our previous life’s actions. I have read plenty of books on reincarnation theories and the circle of time, just enough for part of me to be undecided, but I think if I was completely honest with myself I would say that we will all just end up being another body in the ground or a fireplace. Obviously, this takes away from any comfort you could have in your life coming to an end and why I believe most people cling to religion when near death experiences occur. It is a harsh reality, but one that makes the most sense to me.

I’m not saying in anyway that I hate religion, or church or the people that choose to live their lives that way. I’m just saying that everyone should have an open mind and find truth in what they want. Whether it’s one spectrum or another, we are all just idiots in the game of life. The most important thing to understand is that no religion is fact.